Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Diary Continued (23) Richard III

On July 22nd 1987 I journeyed with Angela Julian-Day from Brussels to Antwerp to visit the zoo and the Rubens House Museum.

On the train there I read Shakespeare’s play, Richard III.

When I got to Rubens’ house there were posters all around announcing a performance of Richard III, scheduled for two weeks’ time in the garden of the house itself.
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Twenty-five years later this codicil happened at Facebook.
James Eadon, who had already published extracts from my book plus readers´ opinions on it and even some of my unpublished coincidence examples at his website, put up at Facebook a link to an announced exhibition at the National Gallery in London of the works of Peter Paul Rubens.
That prompted me to post a link to this Blog Entry.
Eadon responded - 

James Eadon Uncanny, Brother H. James Plaskett The arts coincidence comes full Circle, I have very nearly finished the play Richard III! Most of the way through Act 5 Scene 3. Did you know I was reading that? >mind blown<

  • H. James Plaskett How COULD I have known? But the coincidence has been up at my blog for years, so you may have subliminally registered THAT I suppose. But, even so...

  • James Eadon I had not read that posting, and indeed bought Richard III by accident, the only reason I was reading it was that the play I was otherwise reading I lost. That was Henry IV part 1, lost it in Germany. So I read Richard III instead, I bought the plays 3 for 2 at Foyles. I'm pretty sure I didn't mention reading Shakespeare here so it's a full blowing mind-****

  • H. James Plaskett What, may I ask, made you post the link to Rubens and the National Gallery?

  • H. James Plaskett Regarding the reading of Shakespeare you may wish also to read Entry 99 at the Blog...

  • James Eadon the rubens thing came up in the fb feed, due to me "like"ing the national gallery, I think. I finished the play last night too. A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!

  • And then, on June 16th 2015, the codicils continued.
  • I posted at my Facebook wall a reference to never feeling too sorry for oneself for there were always individuals worse off.
  • The following was then posted -

    • James Eadon A true sentiment indeedy! My latest job is on a project where everyone is under enormous pressure. But, as Theon said on GoT, things can always be worse, they can be much much worse!
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    • H. James Plaskett "And worse I may be yet, the worst is not So long as we can say ´This is the worst´" King Lear
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    • James Eadon GOBSMACKED! Every time you mention a Shakespearean play, I just happen to be reading that very same play! #bizarrecoincidence
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    • James Eadon Incidentally in that play Shakespeare uses the word "unfriended" which was rather startling!
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    • James Eadon I've not read Shakespeare for a while but bought Lear ten days ago.
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    • H. James Plaskett That Shakespearian codicil, then, I shall add to the already extant one at my Blog re Richard 2nd.
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  • Here is the episode of Game of Thrones - a series I had never even seen - with the quote to which Eadon alluded -

  • https://www.yahoo.com/tv/s/game-thrones-did-appreciate-gift-140500328.html

    James Eadon said...

    Mind blowing coincidence that I posed the Reubens link and am just finishing Richard III, what a stunner.

    James Eadon said...

    I hasted to add, there's nothing supernatural about this, coincidences are inevitable :)