Friday, March 10, 2006

(177) Fish (eye) on

I sent a copy of Coincidences to Paul McLahan in Massachusetts, USA. knew him from the Internet Chess Club by his handle of Fishon.

He sent me this e-mail back on May 5th 2001 -

On Thursday I read the part of your book where you give the story of the baboons and the mantis (Pages 49-51)... that afternoon I went fishing with a friend and I had the story in the back of my mind. We caught no fish all day.
Right before we were leaving the water, my friend had a fish strike his lure.
He went to set the hook, and nothing... but when he retrieved the lure there was an eyeball attached to the hook. "water" "eyeball"? and I had just read the reference that morning! coincidence?

Later he affirmed the story with this subsequent e mail

44. FishOn (18:43 05-May-01 EDT): -
sometime after leaving my message(s) to you...I was concerned that maybe you thought is was a joke. I assure you, that even though the chance of snagging an eye from fish is rare (I've fished most of my 43 years and never saw this)... it did, indeed, happen... and on the very day I read that story.

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