Wednesday, March 08, 2006

(116) The Nag Hammadi Library

On December 15th 1995, Fiona went into Finbarr’s Health shop in Hastings.
The man in front of her had placed a book on the counter.
It turned out to be The Nag Hammadi Library by James M. Robinson.
These were some gospels discovered in 1945, but not fully rendered into English until 1977.

Earlier that year been trying to obtain a copy whilst writing her novel Baker´s Dozen.
She had only become aware of it because it was mentioned in another book that she had bought earlier that year: Millennium Prophecies by Stephen Skinner.

The chap said that he was just returning it to the Hastings Library from where Fiona then subsequently obtained it.

She had not known the precise title of the work, nor the author’s name, and had not inquired for it in Hastings because she had presumed that a local library would not have so rare a volume. Indeed a month or so before that she had rung up a book finding service telling them that all she knew was that it was probably published in the last ten years and would have the term Nag Hammadi in the title.

Further to that she faxed the same people with a similar inquiry suggesting that they implement a computer search around that term, but to both promptings she had received no reply.

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