Wednesday, March 08, 2006

(105) The dream of the speck on the tooth

On July 20th 1994 I dreamed of selling a puppy to a woman. It was one of a large crowd of dogs all of which she herself possessed, but I conned her into thinking that it was up for sale to her!

I pointed out that it had a special mark, like the devil, on one tooth.

She notices this, is impressed, and promptly writes out a cheque.

I notice that on the cheque are printed various words such as ‘Philosophy’, ‘Religion’, ‘Science’, ‘Jesus’.

"Which of these do you believe in?", I ask her.
"Well, Philosophy, I suppose," she replies. "What about you?"
"All of them", I answer.

I then walk off accompanied by some old conman/salesman type who comments "I love to sell!", just like Robin Williams at the end of the film Cadillac Man.

Two days later I was dining at the Café Mozart on London’s Haverstock Hill and I recounted this dream to Murray Sharp.

As I reached the point where I mention the special mark on the tooth, Dmitri Medvedev leaned forward and told Murray that he had a speck of food stuck on his tooth in an unsightly manner.

This he removed.

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