Sunday, October 07, 2007

(212) N.A.P. McSheehy

At 9:05 p.m. on August 31st 2004 I received an e mail from GM Keith Arkell which he had sent out to all in his address book notifying them of an address change.
I replied immediately to pose a question to Arkell which had been on my mind for some time: whatever had happened to a figure from the chess world whom I had heard nothing of for well over a decade; N.A.P.McSheehy?
I knew that he hailed from the same area of England as Keith.

Noted. By the way; when did you last hear anything of N.A.P. McSheehy?

Keith responded later that evening with

Hi Jimbo,He sent me a Christmas card about 3 years ago.He had some health problems,but then seemed to get better.The last I heard he was paying dubious people money for horse racing tips(always was a little on the gullible side).
Ciao, Keith

Next morning I continued

Thx. Did he ever marry, and does he still play Chess ?

No response until this on the afternoon of 11 Sep 2004

No mention from anyone of Nigel McSheehy for years then in rapid succession both you and my mother asked after him, and today I received an email from a friend from the past telling me that Nigel died last week.

Our correspondence ended -

How did you learn of his death? And had he been ill?

A chap called Ian Truscott told me. His health had never been great but I was unaware of anything serious. The police broke into his house and found him dead. Heart attack. He was about 48. He was the first player I ever travelled to tournamnts with.