Thursday, June 15, 2006

(200) Living the Dream

On November 22nd 2003, as a change from the scheduled programme, ITV broadcast a show called TV Cheats. The last and most infamous contributors were Charles and Diana Ingram.

At 7:30 on Nov 24th BBC1 broadcast a programme in their Real Story series; a half hour documentary on the Ingrams.

But just before it began, they ran a trailer for an hour long documentary in their BBC2 Living the Dream series, which was to be shown later that same evening - the very next programme, I do believe.

To my surprise I saw that it was about an Asian family from Scotland called Darar whom we knew and who, like us, had left the UK to start a new life in Playa Flamenca, Spain.
They were from Ayrshire and had opened a restaurant.
My son had been friendly with theirs, Rohan, at school, and we had dined in their restaurant, which was only a mile away.
Next year there was a follow up documentary, of the same length, on how they were getting on.

(Living The Dream REVISITED)
And then on May 15th 2008 I finished an editing process on this Blog.
I had gone through each Entry individually and carefully made any slight amendments.

That evening I, for the first time, noted this -