Monday, September 18, 2006

(202) Not guilty of misspelling tomorrow

On January 7th 2004 this new thread at was started, with a question.

Posted by mike.w People who live in glass houses...
Will anyone at Quizzing own up to setting this question ? What precisely was Tony Blair's famous incorrect spelling of the word Tomorow?
7 Jan 2004 13:51

Posted by wiseoldowls Not guilty
... ... I think Did you have anyone particular in mind ?
7 Jan 2004 17:13 Site Admin

wiseoldowls was the handle of Chris Jones - one of the people who set up the quizzing site.
He had crossed swords with me there on the Ingram matter and started by saying that he was firmly in the Guilty camp.

This prompted me to post something about another misspelling of this same word -

Posted by PLASKETT
Observer journalist Tony Thompson is another one with dodgy spelling, just like the sub-editors on his paper.

In a piece which appeared on Sep 23rd 2001 headed

´Millionaire´ winner may have breached contract

the final paragraph reads thus -
Ingram plans to begin legal action tommorow to force Celador to honour his prize.
¨I completely and utterly refute these allegations. I didn´t notice any coughing. I can´t say there was no coughing going on but I did not hear or use it to help me."
7 Jan 2004 22:16

Posted by PLASKETT
Just like you say, eh, wiseo - Not Guilty!?

Friday, September 08, 2006

(201) Sir Ludovic Kennedy´s interest

On an afternoon in early December 2003 I mentioned at the World Chess Network website that I thought Charles Ingram to have been the victim of a miscarriage of justice.
That prompted the non-serious response from a person there with the handle Big Brother that "Sir Ludovic Kennedy has taken an interest."

Sir Ludovic was well known as a campaigner in cases of rough justice.

I then informed him that the previous day I had indeed received an e mail from the secretary of Sir Ludovic; Ms Vanessa Fox.
In his enclosed reply (he had no e mail and an original inquiry on this matter which I had sent to him at the National Secular Society some weeks earlier, one of their officers had forwarded on to him by snail mail) he said that he found the matter intriguing, and were he 44 or even 54 might become involved.
But now being 84, he felt that he already had enough on his plate.