Thursday, January 29, 2009

(245) Looking for Rita

Late on January 27th 2009 I was exchanging e mails with Candice Temple (see Entry 88).
In one she sent me a link to a video of a performer on a recent British TV programme about Dancing On Ice.

I replied that I was unenthusiastic about trying to dance on ice but that in 2008 I had for my first time skated, at a nearby rink, and added that I might well do so again this very week "... with a girlfriend".

I then referred her to Entry 119 here where she could see a photo of myself with my erstwhile ice skating girlfriend: Rita Koen.

I then decided to check out that entry again for myself, and so, for the first time in some days, logged in to this blog.

As I did so I saw that a note said that one new comment had been left and that I had the option of deleting it or making it publicly visible. It was at Entry 119, from someone styling themselves DiDi and only the first ten words or so were visible to me at that point.

But when I clicked on the option to view the comment I saw that it was one that had been left at 12:47 P.M. on Jan 24th.
It was from Rita.
That was the first communiqué I had received from her in twenty-nine years, and I noted it as I myself went to look at the picture of us to which I had just directed Candice.