Sunday, September 19, 2010

(263) The dream of Nobby Stiles fallen on hard times.

On the morning of October 23rd 2007 I dreamed and then recorded the saddest dream -

Sic Transit Gloria

It is a setting where a dying George Best has passed an envelope containing loose change and scraps of money to me and asked me to take it to an address in Alicante.

As I hand the money over to an old guy in a modest setting in Alicante, some of the lineaments of his face strike a chord.
"Are you Nobby Stiles?" I ask.
He says something back, with a laughing annoyance at having been recognised.

Later I also meet up with Jackie Charlton and a guy with a vaguely familiar face who is forever bursting into high pitched flamenca song. At the end I realise that this is Gordon Banks and remark so to someone passing who concurs.

I remark also to someone that Nobby Stiles must have fallen on hard times to be living in such reduced circumstances and he, naturally, agrees.

I twig that these are all members of the 1966 England Soccer World Cup winning team.
I see a slightly balding Sir Geoff Hurst towards the end, as we are chatting in an apartment not to high up. I am slightly nervous not only that I but also that someone else might fall from/through the window.

By the way, shortly after having just awoken from that dream I was intimating the outline of it to my curious wife when our 11 yr old son intervened to say that he will be unable to do the special extra-curricular football training as he has five red marks against him
in class.

On September 15th 2010 I was saddened to see this news item -

Then, two days later, I saw this thread at the Guardian Comment Is Free section -

I was moved to contribute a selection of the dreams I had noted over the past three years including the above one.
I note at that thread that, although it was a conscious decision on my part to contribute the Stiles dream, I was only doing so in response to a request from The Guardian for people to send in such dreams about the famous.
And so it got published just a couple of days after the pieces on Stiles´ financial concerns.