Wednesday, June 24, 2009

(252) Getting real

Circa 2:30 a.m. on June 24th 2009 I was seriously thinking about putting something on Facebook about the cute and minor coincidences of my names being Harold James and Harry Potter´s names being Harry James with us sharing the same surname initial, too.
Also, due to a fall down the stairs on May 18th 2009 I had acquired a similar zigzag mark on the right forehead, the same place as his.

I had already posted a small reference to those on Twitter on June 15th -

Last dressing off... got a true Harry James Potter scar now.. and in the same place. Just as well my name´s Harold James Plaskett...!?¿

A few minutes later my wife, who had recently returned home from a concert, shouted out that she had just noticed that amongst those who had begun to follow her on Twitter during her three hour evening out was none other than the actor who plays the boy wizard: Daniel Radcliffe!
(...or someone masquerading as him!?)

And this without her having drawn his attention to herself via following him at the site first.

Also, just shortly before I had been looking at an article in which Harry´s future wife says she is thinking about quitting acting -
Acting? I think I've had enough, says Harry Potter star, Emma Watson Mail Online

´The 19-year-old said that she does not have a 'burning passion' for acting and that she may give up her film career once she finishes playing Harry's school chum Hermione.´

As Fiona had reciprocated and begun to follow ´Mr Radcliffe´ on Twitter, I did too.

I even sent him some direct messages about the coincidences -

@danielradcliffe Just as I am about to put something on Facebook/here re my name being Harold James P. and having acquired the Harry Potter

scar re falling downstairs 5 wks ago, my wife pittkethley , shouts that Daniel Radcliffe himself has become a follower of hers at Twitter!!

@danielradcliffe It´s all in the stars, I tell you

Then, at 3:20 a.m, as I copied the Daily Mail piece on Ms Watson ready to paste here -

at Facebook, something I had never seen before quite unexpectedly popped up on my computer screen -

The Love Thermometer says "Discover your love"... "Test your love".

That prompted me to post further on Twitter -

Just after I´d finished this

...and as I went to post that link at Facebook re this coincidence nexus, this crops up on my screen -

All of it on the theme of GETTING REAL...

The next day I noticed that ´Daniel Radcliffe ´ was now following me on Twitter.

Later on I checked my Statcounter figures and saw that, at 3:33 a.m. on June 24th 2009, i.e. almost contemporaneously with my posting on Twitter about the pulsing Love Thermometer appearing on my screen, someone had entered -

love same part of brain religious experience cat scan

into a search engine and had thus been led to this blog.

I looked at the details and saw -

Referring Link
Host Name
IP Address [Label IP Address]
United States
New York
... ... ...

It was somebody in Flushing.

Lastly, in the early hours of June 26th 2009 I found myself looking at/for stuff about Joan Collins on the net, having just been moved to consult her Wikipedia entry.
One was this American TV interview, posted November 2008,

with a reference from the interviewer to his looking like what Harry Potter would be in the future.
My wife and I had shared some jokes about my now being suited to play a mature Harry Potter.

And then the interviewer, Harry Smith, mentions that Daniel Radcliffe will be on the show next week!

Here´s that Daniel Radcliffe interview -

On August 14th 2009 fellow Harry Potter actor Tom Felton posted on Twitter that, although he was urging Dan Radcliffe to "tweet" he had not yet begun to do so.
i.e. the tweeting Daniel Radcliffe was not real.