Wednesday, August 08, 2012

(270) The Garden of E(a)don

On the evening of August 8th 2012 I was disputing Darwinism with James Eadon at Facebook. Richard Milton and I had challenged him to cite any evidence that the mechanism for evolution was the natural selection of spontaneous mutations: neo-Darwinism.
Later, and whilst the dispute was still ongoing, I logged in to Twitter and the actress Susan Penhaligon asked me what I meant by the term ´anti-Darwinian´, for it appeared in my notes there. 
I told her that I thought there to be no genuine evidence for the mechanism of natural selection of spontaneous mutations acting as the engine for an evolutionary process.
She asked - "What then? Garden of Edon?"
She rapidly acknowledged her spelling error.
But, I went on to tell her, this was a cute coincidence in that Eadon´s website had been headed The Garden Of Eadon and that there he had reviews of and examples from my book Coincidences.
Cartoons of the garden´s serpent persisted at his website.