Monday, January 01, 2007

(205) Peter Rhodes

On the morning of March 6th, 2004, I gave a chess lesson to Peter Rhodes, of London, by Internet. This was only the second such lesson that I had given him, the first being on March 3rd. I even asked him about his name, jokingly, and whether it stemmed from the guy who founded Rhodesia. I had had a question about who the founder of Rhodesia was on March 3rd, in a pub quiz.
Unusually, I had used the Skype technology to talk to him through the computer.
On the evening of March 6th, I looked at medium Craig Hamilton-Parker’s website and saw some audio clips on coincidences.
I played one and found that it begins with a joke told by journalist, Peter Rhodes.
I had heard the radio show of which it was part - one of a series on coincidence by Martin Plimmer, a few years earlier, although, naturally, I had quite forgotten the name of the journalist who tells the joke.

It was a joke based on coincidences, concerning a confusion in Heaven between the fathers of Pinnochio and Jesus.