Thursday, March 09, 2006

(152) Blowfish

In mid June 1998 my wife completed her rewriting of her novel about James Bond coming out of retirement: You’re Never Too Old.
She changed the name of the villain’s father from Blofeld, the Bond arch baddie, to Fischer, but he was known as Blowfish.

He had acquired this soubriquet through his habit of luring young boys and paying them to perform a particular sexual favour upon him whilst swimming.
She had in mind the activities of the Roman emperor, Tiberius, when adding that detail.

On July 9th 1998 Fiona received an unsolicited review copy of a book that was soon to be published by Simon and Schuster entitled Blowfish.

It is subtitled Zen and the Art of Man Maintenance.
The book was about how a woman can perform this act upon a man. One way suggested was in water.

When Fiona had changed the name to Fischer she thought of famous men of that name and had registered Bobby, the ex-world chess champion, and Tibor, the Hungarian writer.
In the next decade it would become accepted that Fischer´s biological father was in fact a Hungarian -

Tibor Fischer is quoted on the back cover of Blowfish,
"If you care about world peace, read this book."

The authoress of Blowfish is Tyger Khan.
One of the other characters in Fiona’s novel whose name she had to change was called Tiger.

The book is fake Zen, which ties in with the fake "spiritual exercises" of precisely this kind that had been performed by an unscrupulous guru on minors. I knew that the police were anxious to bring him to justice.

In the early pages of the book Ms Khan asks, "So why did I choose a Zen approach?" She explains that this type of sex,
"... is a meditation. Instead of reciting a mantra you are focussing all your attention on your fish."

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