Sunday, March 12, 2006

(195) Teaching Darwinists

In April 2003 I looked on the internet for references to anti-Darwinist, Richard Milton.
One was for a website ran by Mikey Brass, where he had panned Milton’s anti-Darwinian writings.
I left a note that I was impressed with Milton, and Brass e mailed me back that he was a moron and I must be too to support him and that if I were to say more on this topic I would have to do it at the Yahoo! DebunkCreation list, or not at all.

So I joined it, making my first post on April 9th 2003, and for the next two months debated with a pack of Darwinists.
There were, I noted, about three hundred and eighty list members, although only twenty-five or so were actively posting.
I concluded my critique of synthetic evolution with six posts, each detailing why a certain aspect of synthetic evolutionary theory was invalid.
The last of these I presented on June 9th 2003, and then I returned in early October 2003 to answer some criticisms made of my fifth post.

On June 13th 2003 I was logged on to the Internet Chess Club and noted in the religious discussion channel, 103. a handle which seemed new to me; Mellowscotch.
There were over 20,000 registered handles.
He then introduced himself as Derik Newell of Kansas, and asked about tuition.
We arranged our first lessson for July 12th.
I had never communicated with him before that.

On July 17th 2003, Derik e mailed me to say that he too was a member of the DebunkCreation Yahoo! group and, having not posted there for about two years, had decided to look in at the recent contributions to the list.
To his surprise he discovered that I had been posting there.
So he had just posted this -

I haven’t been an active poster on this group for two years or so. I’m also an avid chessplayer and play chess on ICC all the time, I approached a certain GM about lessons and agreed to lessons. After our first lesson I was catching up with what had been going on in this group and what do I find out? My tutor is none other than GMJimtheTwit, James Plaskett :)
Talk about a wierd coincidence ok, back to your regular position bashing and arguementation

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