Thursday, March 09, 2006

(145) The trio focal point at the Royal Festival Hall

At lunchtime on October 9th 1997 I was chatting with Nick Foster at the Royal Festival Hall in London
when Grandmaster Daniel King came up to our table.

He mentioned that that morning he had been packing things up as he was moving into a house with his recent bride.
One item he had put into a box was the copy of Sir Laurens van der Post’s book A Mantis Carol, which I had lent him the previous year.

He explained that he was there to listen to his cousin perform in a three-piece band.

I had also arranged to meet a little later on with Jeremy Stafford-Deitsch at the RFH and we had chosen the spot where this trio of musicians were performing as a rendezvous.

We had selected that specific point because we were each sure that we knew its precise location.

I had arranged to meet him in the same building one week earlier, but we had somehow missed each other through ending up on different levels.

The common denominator is that Foster, King and Stafford-Deitsch were three of the dozen or so people to whom, in mid 1996, I had sent copies of the two chapters of Roderick Main’s thesis on Synchronicity as a Form of Spiritual Experience which address my narrative.

Indeed, upon receipt of that material, King had suggested that he and I meet to discuss it.

I had proposed a certain spot in London, but he said that he thought that a nicer venue would be The Royal Festival Hall.

I had never been there before.

Accordingly it had been there that we had met for our discussion and had chatted just outside from where Nick and I were when Dan walked up to our table, the following year.

The picture above, from June 1999, shows my son and I also just outside the Hall with the Thames and Cleopatra´s Needle visible behind us.

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