Friday, March 10, 2006

(171) Mick Brown

On October 28th 2000 The Telegraph magazine featured an article by Mick Brown
about allegations of sexual abuse aginst the guru, Sai Baba.

My wife asked whether I had yet pointed the piece out to Jeremy Stafford-Deitsch. I said that I might.

On November 7th 2000 I did indeed telephone Jeremy re his contacting Brown further to Douglas Baker’s corrupt activities.

The next day he rang back to say that he had read the article on the internet and had then phoned Brown and mentioned my name as another person who had heard what Baker had been up to and was anxious to bring him to justice.

Brown said that that was a coincidence, for in early August I had sent a copy of my book Coincidences to him (whom I had never met) at The Telegraph.

He was just reading it.

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