Thursday, March 09, 2006

(161) Peter Fairbrass

On June 8th 1999 we attended the Orange Literary Prize award ceremony at the Royal Festival Hall in London.
The photo shows my son at the ceremony, gazing at a man daubed in chalk and posing as a statue.
I spotted that Peter Fairbrass was videoing it.
I had not seen him for almost six years.
We had first met in Leeds in 1991 when he had been hired by Chris White of Grandmaster Video to film a chess tournament there. I had subsequently recorded videos for Chris and GMVideo myself, and Peter had filmed some of them.
(Peter was an eccentric chap; here he sums up the life of an eccentric close friend - )
He asked what I was up to and I replied that both Fiona and I were awaiting important news that very evening concerning a big project (the giant octopus expedition) that I was hoping to get off the ground.
"With Chris White?", he asked, and I affirmed that, even though it was nothing to do with chess, oddly enough it was my intention then to involve Chris White and indeed he had accompanied me when I had gone to see Cliff Stanford about the idea.
Peter became very interested in my adventure, and, for a while, we even discussed his coming with us to film it.

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