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(166) Paula Yates and family and friends

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I first met Fiona in March 1994, marrying her in December 1995 and hence moving to Hastings. I noted that a lot of her arty friends and neighbours had children with unusual names.
Judy Neate had a son called Bingo, and Alistair Fairley a son called Paris and a daughter called Carson. Laetitia Yhap had a son called Ajax and Craig Sams a grandson called Mars.

Unconventional children’s names automatically prompted thoughts of the TV personality, Paula Yates, and her four daughters - Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches Honeyblossom, Little Pixie and Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily.

More than once, in the first years of our relationship, I joked to Fiona that all we needed now was for Paula Yates to move into the area. Ms Yates had a close friend in Jo Fairley, Alistair’s sister, who had a house just around the corner from us. We had heard that Paula would sometimes be seen in the shops of Hastings Old Town, although we had never noticed her.

In May 2000 Paula Yates bought the house next door to ours, Number 9 Ebenezer Road, from Dr. Winifred Heller. During that summer we were to become friendly with her, and my son also became friends with her daughter, Tiger Lily. They would often play, especially so when Paula´s other daughters were away spending time with their father, Sir Bob Geldof, from whom she was divorced.

After Paula’s tragic death from an accidental heroin overdose on September 16th 2000, Sir Bob took Tiger into his home and adopted her.

As a codicil I could add that in May 2001 new residents moved into Ebenezer Road: Jane McCall and her daughter Laura. They had previously lived in Dulwich. Her house was opposite the one that had belonged to Paula, but almost the same distance as ours was from it, measured front door to front door.
Her son, John, who still lived in London, had received several phone calls from Paula’s eldest daughter, whom he had met through friends in London.

Some of the calls were from a Hastings number.

Ebenezer Road had ten houses in it.

See also Entry 91 re Paula Yates´ cameo role in an episode of the Channel 4 soap opera Brookside in which she was interviewed in a boat by the character Karen Grant.

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