Saturday, March 11, 2006

(183) Lisa and the Angel

In mid-May 2002 my wife called me in to see an episode of The Simpsons she was watching, as it featured Stephen Jay Gould.
He had been called in by Lisa Simpson to test the putative fossil of an angel.
At the end of the show he admitted that he had not done the tests.

Here are some facts about this episode -

Lisa the Skeptic

While Lisa and her classmates conduct an archaeological survey, a skeleton with abnormal bone structure protruding from its shoulders is uncovered, leading the townspeople to conclude the remains are that of an angel.

Miscellaneous Info
Production Number 5F05.
First aired in US 23 Nov 1997.
First aired in Australia 22 Apr 1998.

Special Guest Voices

* Stephen Jay Gould.
* Phil Hartman.

For additional information about this episode, see the episode capsule at The Simpsons Archive.

Also -
It was shown on UK TV 3 -4 days before Gould’s actual death.

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