Sunday, March 12, 2006

(199) Andrew´s "H"

On an evening in November 1992 I was chatting with Ray and Jill Ferrer at their home near Bourne, Lincs. I mentioned that a chap who had recently joined my team at work, Ian Harvey, was an ex-Naval helicopter pilot and had previously worked alongside Prince Andrew.

As I mentioned the Prince’s name an item about him appeared on the local TV news that they had playing in the background.
... ... ...
In October 2003 I found myself thinking back 11 years to Ian Harvey, who had also said that Prince Andrew was known as ´H´.

Later that day I spoke to a boy walking a puppy. It turned out he was a friend of a family called Murphy who lived in the next street to us, in the urbanisation Amapolas 3 in Playa Flamenca.

He said that his name was Andrew and that the dog was called ´H´.

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