Friday, March 10, 2006

(178) Jerry Hall

On July 12th 2001 I visited the Stables Market in Camden to teach chess to the owner, Bebo Kobo. I had been there only once or twice before over the previous ten years, on each occasion to visit Murray Sharp, who used to have a stall there.
This time I noticed that near the entrance they had put up a piece of paper with the names of celebrities who had ever visited the market. I noted such as Alice Cooper and Jerry Hall.
That was the only time that I ever saw such a list displayed, even though I was to visit the market regularly over the following months.

Later that day I chatted with Murray, whom I had known for a decade, at his home.
Without any prompting from me, he now for the first time mentioned that, ten years or so earlier, Jerry Hall had introduced herself to him when he had his stall at the Stables Market.
I then told him how I had earlier seen her name there.

On March 28th 2002 I went with my son from Hastings to Brighton to meet up for afternoon tea in the Royal Albion Hotel with my wife, the actress Gwen Taylor and her husband, the playwright Graham Reid.
When we arrived I saw to my surprise that they were taking tea with Jerry Hall, who it transpired was appearing with Gwen in the play Picasso’s Women.

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