Saturday, March 11, 2006

(185) Lisa and the iguanas

On September 10th 2002 we were in The Park of Nations in Torrevieja, where we had been on our first inspection visit two years earlier.
Lisa Harrison had shown us around as a rep for the property company GAMA.
We saw some iguanas in a cage and that prompted me to remark that we had been told by Lisa that she had had a pet iguana.

Later we walked a few hundred metres to a MacDonalds and as we sat outside eating Lisa walked past.
I said hello and mentioned how the previous iguana sighting had put me in mind of her.
She said that one of the iguana cages in the park had originally been hers.
She now no longer worked for the housing company GAMA.

We had never seen her before outside of the brief contacts in the context of selling the house to us, and never saw her again.

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