Sunday, March 12, 2006

(193) Looking for a bishop and a Spanish tee shirt for the education authorities

On June 11th 2003 my wife
found a tee shirt whilst fishing with our son on the local beach.

Fiona had been thinking about my going in to see the head of our son’s school the next day and to discuss (in my fumbling Spanish) certain problems the boy had been experiencing.

She had been considering, she subsequently informed me, my wearing a tee shirt which I had acquired at a tournament in Northern Spain three years earlier which had information about chess in Spanish on its front.
Her idea was that talking to a GM might impress the man.
But she had been unable to find it.

She had also been looking for one piece missing from a wooden chess set of hers: a white bishop.

The tee shirt she discovered on the beach had a black chess bishop on its front and also two escutcheons.
Under one was "Diputacion de Alicante Juventud" and beneath the other "Ayuntamiento de Alicante Educacion" (Alicante Education Town Hall).

It fitted me, so I would sometimes wear it, although I did not see the headmaster the next day.

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