Wednesday, March 08, 2006

(108) The Parousia novel

In late 1994, I entered Murray Sharp’s home to find him in conversation with Anna Durrant and her friend Rosie. Murray asked whether Fiona Pitt-Kethley, from whose home I had just journeyed, was working on any new book.

I replied that she had started a novel about the Second Coming.

At this there were gasps all round.

It transpired that earlier that evening Anna had suggested that Murray should write something and he had come up with the idea of a novel about the Second Coming.

This was Fiona´s novel, published in 2000 -

One evening in early May 2001 I was looking at the questions in The Huge Quiz Book published by Wilson, which my wife had bought me.
One question concerned the meaning of Parousia.
The next day, Sean Patrick Ryan was commenting on my book, Coincidences, and said that when he read it the only word that he did not know the meaning of was ´Parousia´.

So he then asked me what it meant.

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