Wednesday, March 08, 2006

(98) With Rachelle

On the evening of April 3rd 1993 I went with Rachelle Pope to a party held at the place where her American friend Shawn was now staying. Rachelle and Shawn had known each other for years and Shawn had only recently moved into a house in West Hampstead, London.

A few months previously I had mentioned my friend Murray Sharp to Rachelle and she had deduced that twenty years earlier they had been at college together in Harrow, although they had completely lost touch with each other since then.

When we arrived at Shawn’s home I discovered that it was the house in Abbot’s Place next door to the one that Murray had bought the previous year and which I had already been to many times.
The following year I was to move in there and stay as a lodger for a couple of years.
... ... ...
On the afternoon of October 9th 1993, Rachelle remarked to me that the shoes I was wearing were not new.
"You wore them at the wedding".
A few seconds later she corrected herself: "The Bar Mitzvah."

She was referring to the Bar Mitzvah of Paulette Bersch’s son, Sebastian, which we had attended together in March.

About eight hours later I was in a Japanese restaurant in London with Nick de Peyer and Candice Temple and my mind went back to this slip.
A few seconds later Nick made a reference to this same Bar Mitzvah, which he and Candice had also attended, and made the same error of calling it a wedding.

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