Wednesday, March 08, 2006

(93) Richard Wildman

In the early evening of March 27th 1993 I was chatting by phone with Nicholas Foster. We had both been unfairly dismissed from our employment at a publishing company the previous year, and I made a reference to the man responsible: Julian Wildman.

But I mistakenly referred to him as Richard Wildman. I quickly realised that I had been thinking of an owner of a second hand bookshop in Bedford of that name.

That evening I picked up a discarded few pages of The Times on a train and saw that there was a letter in them from Richard Wildman of Bedford. It appeared to address some query that had been raised over there being six prime ministers alive in the UK at present and if that had ever happened before.
Wildman, an historian, wrote that it had happened in the 1920s.

He was linked to my school´s Old Boys club - the Old Bedford Modernians - and he would, in 2000, buy a copy of my wife´s autobiography direct from her.

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