Wednesday, March 08, 2006

(84) Babar misspelt as Baba

On the evening of July 13th 1992, I realised that I had written down the surname of my business partner Frank wrongly.
Instead of Babar I had written Baba. I realised that I had been misspelling it for some time.

At 11.11 p.m. that evening I was watching a film on TV where an investigative journalist is posing under an alias when trying to prise some information from a doctor.

The doctor addresses him as "Mr BABA", spelling out each letter of the name.
The journalist, who is clearly thinking off the top of his head, corrects him and says that the correct spelling is "BABAR".

The doctor then asks "Babar? Isn’t that the name of an elephant; a cartoon character?"
The journalist continues to improvise (it was quite obvious) replies and the scene became quite humorous.

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