Wednesday, March 08, 2006

(71) Laughter at the phallic potter’s clay

On the afternoon of August 2nd 1991 I was playing a chess game Vs Glenn House in the British Chess Championship in Eastbourne.

For no obvious reason into my mind came the memory of something I had seen on the BBC TV games show The Generation Game in the 1970s.

Contestants were involved in a game where they were challenged to mould clay on a potter’s wheel.

To the patent amazement and disbelief of the host, Bruce Forsythe, the audience of this family show had howled with laughter at the long and pointed shapes that the clay assumed in the contestants’ hands.

That evening I went to the cinema with a girl.
After some discussion we agreed to see The Naked Gun 2 and a half - The Smell Of Fear.
A scene occurred which was obviously a spoof of one from the film Ghost, which had been a success the previous year.

Leslie Nielsen was with Priscilla Presley and pottery was being shaped on a wheel, with obvious and amusingly phallic and erotic connotations.

At one point Presley reaches into Nielsen’s trousers... and pulls out a lump of clay!

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