Wednesday, March 08, 2006

(68) A sister comments on her brother protecting a wolf cub which an eagle had let fall into his arms

On the evening of May 22nd 1991 I for some reason thought back to an incident I had first seen on TV in 1977.
It was from the BBC drama series I, Claudius.,_Claudius

An eagle flies over some people and lets fall a wolf cub which is caught by the young Claudius. This is interpreted by a soothsayer as a portent: he sees the cub as Rome, all torn and bleeding, but it will be protected by Claudius.

Claudius’ sister shrieks with laughter at the idea of him ever achieving such a status.

But he does go on to become Emperor.

The following evening I was watching the Question Time TV programme.

A panellist said that some years previously her brother had caught in his arms a wolf cub that had been let fall by an eagle.
He had then nurtured it and raised it.

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