Wednesday, March 08, 2006

(66) St Andrews people

On the afternoon of May 22nd 1991 I started to chat with Jan Mulder, who had only recently joined my company, Cornhill Publications.
I asked where he was from and he said that he hailed from St Andrews in Scotland.
Making conversation, I mentioned that I had met one person from St Andrews.
And, for no sensible reason, I gave her name; Jill Hunter.

To my surprise Mulder responded "Oh I know her."

Jill would then have been about twenty-four. Jan was twenty-nine.
The population of St Andrews was circa twenty thousand.
He had bumped into her, not in their hometown, but at Glasgow University in the mid 1980s.

On November 16th 1991, I spoke with Dr Helen Milligan (neé Scott) at the Taychreggan Hotel in Dundee.
She told me that she lived in St Andrews. Just to make conversation, I mentioned the above coincidence.

She replied that she had been in the same class at school as Jan Mulder.

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