Wednesday, March 08, 2006

(63) The elderly qualify for a driver´s (and maybe a pilot´s licence!?)

On October 11th 1990 I was watching the BBC programme Question Time.
One of the speakers was the Tory MP (later Lord) Norman Tebbit.
I recalled that before entering politics he had been an airline pilot.

The previous day I had, at age thirty, at last earned my driving licence, passing at my third attempt.
The whimsical idea occurred to me that were I to meet Tebbit I might quip that although I had just acquired my driving licence I would not be going on to try to qualify as a pilot!

The following programme on BBC 1 was the first edition of a new American sit-com called Nearly Departed.

The plot, in so far as there was one, revolved around the efforts of a seventy-five year old man, to acquire his driving licence.
In the end, he succeeded.

The programme ended with his saying that he was now going to study.
"Study?", asked a character played by Eric Idle. "What are you going to study?"
"Are you kidding? Maybe I’ll try for my pilot’s licence!"

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