Wednesday, March 08, 2006

(62) H.G.Wells and Tommy Steele

On a morning in early August 1990 I was watching the film Goodbye Mr Chips in the TV lounge of the Alexandra Hotel in Eastbourne.
At one point the proprietor walked in.

"Oh yes. The book that this is based on is by H.G.Wells, isn’t it?"

I said that it was not, but I added that I had seen the film before and felt certain that we were approaching a point in the film where one of the characters mentions H.G.Wells.

And within twenty seconds this reference to Wells, the only one in the film, occurred.,_Mr._Chips_(1939_film)

Furthermore, on October 25th 1991 I found myself thinking of an appearance which Tommy Steele
had made on a Parkinson show
some years before where he had been introduced as a ‘superstar’.

I, perhaps unkindly, wondered whether he was quite worthy of such a billing.

The next day my mother showed me the programme of a theatrical musical which she and a friend had been to see that day.
It was Half a Sixpence.
The programme stated that it was based on a novel Kipps, by H.G.Wells.

The proprietor of the Alexandra Hotel had told me that he had appeared as an extra, a vendor of ice cream, in the film Half a Sixpence, when some scenes were shot in Eastbourne circa 1969.

That film starred Tommy Steele.

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