Wednesday, March 08, 2006

(61) "Booie... Bowie"

During the afternoon of July 21st 1990 I for some reason thought back to an incident from the summer of 1986.
I had been browsing through a bookstall at London’s Liverpool Street Station and had come across a biography of actor, John Hurt.

Leafing through it I saw an anecdote where it was mentioned that Hurt’s child had once mispronounced David Bowie’s name as "Booee".
It said that now whenever Bowie rings up the Hurts he says "Hi. Booee here."

That had made me wonder just how often Bowie rang up the Hurts.
It seemed a slightly odd snippet to include in the book.

At 9:04 p.m. that evening my brother David and I began to watch a film in his Johannesburg home on the EMM-NET TV video channel.
It was called The Woman in Red
and starred Gene Wilder.
I had not seen it before.

Twenty-three minutes into it the daughter of a character played by Gene Wilder says that she has tickets to a David Bowie concert.
The mention of Bowie’s name made me think back to the mispronunciation that I had thought of that afternoon.

Less than twenty seconds later Wilder said to a boy with a punk haircut
"So you’re taking my daughter to see David Booee?"
"David Bowie!", his daughter instantly corrects him.

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