Wednesday, March 08, 2006

(41) Was Myra Robinson happy?

On the morning of January 30th 1989 I watched the Kilroy discussion programme on BBC1.
It was about people who have met up again with long lost relatives. Not all the reunions had been happy.

A woman spoke of such an unemotional reunion which made me think of something that I had seen on the BBC programme Nationwide many years before - probably at least ten.

It was where two women were guinea pigs in an experiment where they swapped lives for a week. One was an aristocratic type living in London: the other a housewife from the North East.
I remembered seeing them meet at a railway station at the end of the week.
They had been all smiles and had thrown their arms around each other, but I had wondered just how genuine this display of emotion had been.

The whole project struck me as a bit daft.

At 10:36 a.m. the following morning I was watching another discussion programme called The Time: The Place. The topic was "Homesickness".
The presenter asked a lady about her experiences... and it soon became clear that this was the very lady that I had thought of the previous day.

Her name was given as Myra Robinson.

She said that she had not enjoyed the switch and part way through had felt so homesick that she asked the film crew whether she could go home.

I had neither seen nor heard anything of her since her Nationwide experiment, and I have not since.

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