Tuesday, March 07, 2006

(19) Alligator

During an evening TV news programme of March 12th 1987 I was chatting with Angela Julian-Day.
I mentioned awful films and told her of one called Alligator which I had seen part of when it had been broadcast on British TV in 1986.

It was one of a batch of films spawned by the success of Jaws, i.e. people were attacked by monstrous animals, and featured a thirty foot alligator frequenting the sewers of an American city and preying on the populace.

I then moved out of the room.

Within one minute she shouted me back.
The next news item was about alligators living in the drains and sewers of an American city.

That would be the last coincidence of any kind I had involving Angela, except for two slightly peculiar ones. The first of those was in 1989 and then there was this, a full twenty-two years later.

I was looking at the posted comments to this Daily Mail article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2036685/The-high-price-sucking-thumb-I-31.html#ixzz1iWRYPJNu
and thought I saw one from her.

So I then left a comment in response -

I sucked my thumb till I was eight! Don't know why I stopped - I just did. I don't know if it was the very last time, but I clearly remember when I was around that age my Grandfather coming up to me, gently removing the pillow from in front of my shocked face, handing me a candy and saying: "Here duck, you have this instead," And you know I don't remember sucking my thumb ever again. But you see, I thought nobody knew! I always had a pillow stuck in front of my face, so how could they tell I was sucking my thumb? I could have been counting my teeth or flossing! - Angie, Toronto, Canada, 13/9/2011 9:25

- James Plaskett, Cartagena, 14/9/2011 0:52

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