Wednesday, March 08, 2006

(50) Addressing Ne(i)ros

In December 1989 the Bedford Mail depot advertised for extra hands to cope with a Christmas backlog. So I worked for a few days as a postman.

On December 15th I was introduced to an official; Mr Niro.

"I hope you’re not fiddling around, Mr Niro", I said.

"Oh, I’ll let the whole lot go up in flames!", he replied.

I suspect that I was not the first person to joke about his name.

Later that day I noticed that amongst the Anniversaries noted in The Times was the birth of Nero, in A.D. 37.

I thought that I would mention it to Mr Niro, so the following day I asked at the depot to see him.

"Which one? There’s two of them."
It turned out that Mr Niro’s brother also worked there.

Later that morning I delivered some letters.

I noticed that one was to a Ms L. Niro and another for a Master B. Niro of 78 Butler Way.
When I mentioned this to the first Mr Niro he said that these people were unrelated to him.

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