Friday, December 21, 2007

(241) The Internet Chess Club handles

In September 9 2007 I was chatting with Andy Kitchlew on the Internet Chess Cub
whilst I used the handle Parsifal and he his real name.
I mentioned something very peculiar which had happened to me on the ICC years earlier - at least five.
There were over 20,000 registered handles at the club.
One evening, in a distracted manner, I began typing in random small letter sequences just to see if any happened to be real registered handles of any ICC members.
To find out any information which members might have chosen to reveal about themselves you typed in "Finger so-and-so", e.g.
Almost all drew blanks. But then to my astonishment I found that typing in the computer command
"Finger dmmg" not only hit upon a real handle but the accompanying note said that it was that of Andy Kitchlew!

On September 9th 2007 I at last got around to asking Kitchlew the explanation of this mystery.
He explained that he had bought the PC from a mutual acquaintance, David Gunter, and that the handle was his old one.
It was the initials of his name.
Thus my dabbling had hit upon the unlikely handle of not just one but two friends.

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