Thursday, December 20, 2007

(221) The mobile lost at the pump

On the evening of July 25th 2005 I managed to lose the mobile my wife had lent me when visiting a funfair some 10 miles away with my son.
Ashamed at my solecism, I returned home and confessed the loss to her before retracing my steps to see if that might locate it.
One idea that occured to me was that I might have dropped it at a filling station where we had made a brief stop.

So back there I drove, and indeed there was a mobile lying at the base of the very pump from which I had filled up.
But, alas, it was not mine!
My upwardly mobile son offered some solace, observing that it was a Nokia, "... a better make than ours, anyway."

And then it went off, and its owner was asking if we might return it to her at a rendezvous a mile away.
We did.

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