Thursday, December 20, 2007

(222) Linking with the enemies

On September 16th 2005 I chatted for 4 hours with Charles and Diana Ingram at their home. Diana mentioned that when they had travelled up to London in 2004 to appeal to their trial Judge (successfully in her case) against the punitive level of costs and damages, they had paused for refreshment at Waterloo Station.
Detective Chris White, one of the two leading the investigation against them and who testified in court and on the Major Fraud programme, walked by, spotted her... and came over to inquire how they were getting on!

Whilst I was with them, Celador rang a contact number I had left to say that I was once more through to the last 50 of a show of theirs. This time it was one to be recorded on September 19th.
As I was not there, they left a message that they would call me again the next day.

I took that call... but only qualified as second reserve.

Back in Spain I took part in a local internet discussion forum,
, which I had joined on July 28th 2005.

Whilst mentioning certain acts of vandalism committed recently against my family I mentioned that I drew strength from the Ingrams´ resolve in the face of so monstrous a miscarriage of justice.
That sparked some reaction, and one member was moved even to set up a thread devoted to views on their guilt.

A lady styling herself ´jessi´ had joined on July 25th 2005.
Her notes said that she was based in Hertfordshire and also near torrevieja. She chipped in that she "knew" they were guilty.

So my wife was moved to ask if she worked for Celador, and she replied that indeed she did.
She actually worked on the UK WWTBAM? show.
jessi had been the 1058th person to join the forum and I, three days later, the 1067th.

In April 2007 she was to mention at that forum that her "other half " also worked on the show, and indeed had spent far more time in the actual studio than she herself.

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