Thursday, December 20, 2007

(232) The secret identity of Mr .CC

During a phone call of Dec 10th 2006, James Sorrie suggested that if I wished to appear at the website
incognito, then I might use a handle which he himself had sometimes deployed there, even months earlier.
It was Mr.CC, and he also gave me the password.

Both James and I had fallen out of favour, for separate reasons, with the administrators of the site, and they had banned each of us.

At 11:30 the following morning I recorded the forwarded handle of MrCC and password on my drafts page of passwords and handles.

A few mins later I read this in The Times on line -,,1052-2497598,00.html
They had already referred to these aliases in a story from Dec 5th.
But this was the first I had heard of it and, as I say, Sorrie, who "loaned" me the handle and password had been using it months earlier, as may be verified by checking posts at .

Incidentally, the password was kenneth.
Sorrie and I agreed upon how marvellous it would have been had that also turned out to be the name of the mystery man!

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