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(233) The Runaway Bride

This Guardian Blog thread caught my eye on December 18th 2006.
I chipped in with -

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and, more significantly for coincidental material,
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Better if my readers were to read my posts directly from the thread.

But, to summarise; I noted some coincidences, i.e. that

a) fellow contributor, Jeremy James had presented BBC TV chess programmes together in the 1980s.

And (in early 2001, I think)
b) I and my wife and son journeyed to the Natural History Museum in London, and saw ex-Dr Who, Tom Baker (who spent six years as a monk) get off the train with us.
I was later that afternoon to hear his voice on a voiceover of an exhibit at the part of the museum devoted to the defence of Darwin´s theory of Natural Selection.

c) Baker was married to the woman who was his Dr Who assistant and now the third wife of R. Dawkins: Lalla Ward.

Mick Brown told me that he interviewed Dawkins once, heard his spiel, and asked of him in a bewildered tone - " Well; what do you think love is, then?"
"Just some electricity firing across neurons", came the response.
Mick found himself saying, "Well no wonder you are twice divorced."

LordSummerisle posted at the above thread - "... as an interesting aside, it was Douglas Adams another great atheist, when he was Script Editor for Doctor Who that introduced Richard Dawkins and Lalla Ward."

My wife had once been quite friendly with Douglas Adams...

Then I noticed this –

d) "Doctor Who returns to TV screens on Christmas Day with its most terrifying monster yet. Younger viewers may find the half-human, half-spider Empress of Rachnos too scary to watch.
Cutting It star Sarah Parish is unrecognisable in the role.
She admitted that even her own family might run for cover at the sight of her character when they sit down to watch the festive episode, called The Runaway Bride."

Also note -
e) Re the theme of Runaway Brides, it could be noted that Lalla Ward and Sarah Parish, are essentially the same names!

Ms Ward uses the name Lalla, although she was christened Sarah.
Apparently she mispronounced Sarah as a child, and the moniker stuck.

And "Parish" and "ward" are nouns in English to describe small areas -
and definitions 6 and 7 here

Baker´s bride left him... and married Dawkins.

f) Lastly, after leaving the Natural History Museum we all boarded a London bus.
At another stop we passed en route I spotted ex-colleague Tim Vaughan-Hughes (see Entry 93).
And lastly, this extraordinary codicil -

introduces the Dr (Dawkins) himself into the series!

See much more detail here -

In 2016 Richard Dawkins and Lalla Ward announced that they had amicably separated.

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