Thursday, December 20, 2007

(225) Easterton and new housing

Circa 12:30 on January 24th 2006 I flicked across the TV channels and saw that on BBC1 there was a show presented by Nadia Sawalha. I had seen her before presenting a show, around that time of day, about people moving to Spain called A Place in the Sun, and, since we intended to buy a new place with my show winnings, I stayed on it.

But it was not that, and proved to be something called Accidents Can Happen. I had never heard of it before.
It seemed to be about mishaps to people´s family homes and portrayed, amongst other cases, that of a guy whose thatched cottage had caught fire when he was away, and that he lived in the tiny village of Easterton.
I recalled that as where the Ingrams lived.

I then went upstairs and saw that an e mail from a lady at the Daily Mirror had arrived.
It mentioned a piece in that day´s paper about my win on Millionaire? which drew attention to my support for Ingram and how I had only been able to answer question seven on the show because I had driven past the stones of Avebury when Bob Woffinden and I were returning from visiting him at his home in September 2005, and then only because of a navigational error on my part as I misdirected Bob back to the M4 motorway.

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