Friday, February 27, 2009

(250) Another such cough

On the morning of February 27th 2009 I at last got around to making amendments to my essay Playing The Game at my other Blog - .

The alteration I made was to include the text of an e mail that I had sent to Bob Woffinden and the Ingrams on May 10th 2008, and which I later forwarded to Jon Ronson, as a codicil to the essay´s first point.
On each occasion I had headed the e mail
Another Such Cough.
It read -

As a further illustration of what I am getting at, at a car boot fair this morning a stall holder brought up with me the subject of Ingram´s win and mentioned the signals "... whenever the guy coughed".

At the adjacent stall was a lady, a smoker, who had earlier that morning, with myself, helped herself to one of the first guy´s chips.

At the word "coughed" she coughed. She never coughed again the whole morning.
I pointed this out to them.

A few minutes after I did so my wife drew my attention to something which she had just spotted in The Sun on line. It was an article hinting that Tarrant might be abandoning his job as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? host -

Tarrant says that doctors have diagnosed that his long hours in the studio have led him to develop asthma.

6 days earlier The Sun also quoted Tarrant as saying that he now really wants to play the role of a gangster in a soap opera an idea he had mentioned some years before -
See also the foot of Entry 229.

Later I went to Wikipedia with the intent of copying the list of my books from the entry on myself and saw that a Dutchman unknown to me had added a photo of me holding a copy of Coincidences.
The previous day I had noted a thread at the site headed COINCIDENCES -

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