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(243) Apologia and Index of Diary entries

Apologia and Index of Diary entries

Our science is founded upon causality.

This is a blog of correspondences, which follows in the tradition of Carl Jung, Paul Kammerer, Colin Wilson and others who have kept coincidence records.

On February 9th 1984 I began a diary and whenever I encountered a coincidence I too noted it.

Part One of this Blog is a diary of coincidences, all but three of which were culled from my diaries.

Part Two is mainly a coincidence narrative of 1988. In an attempt to make the following of it easier I have begun with a synopsis and conclude with epilogues and appendices.

In Part Three the diary continues.

Dr Roderick Main has elsewhere commented on the coincidences of the narrative, e.g. in his 2007 book Revelations Of Chance.http://www.essex.ac.uk/centres/psychonew/staff/main.htm

Where I have appended to an example here a
that is for ´verifiable´and is to indicate that the coincidence is, at least partly, supportable through dpocumentary evidence.

James Plaskett, Cartagena, Spain, 2008

Part One: Coincidence Diary

(1) "Norwich crash three nil" + "Two twenty-six ...a unicorn...666"
(2) The ski lift
(3) Timepieces stopping, mobiles misbehaving, springtime and Nazi lies
(4) Anna of Terndrup: "We´ll meet again".
(5) Queen and Bishop Vs Queen
(6) Shambolic Wogan’s Winner Pennies
(7) Anna of Moscow
(8) The reappearance of Richard Parker
(9) Three butterflies; three wanton killings
(10) Alekhine’s best games book, and a stairway to Heaven
(11) Splash and TV names
(12) The dog is king
(13) The Morecambe and Wise finale
(14) Robin Hood
(15) Anticipating the quiz questions
(16) Two youths lie down
(17) Husband and wife trouble in Belgium due to astrology and the Committee P.A.R.A.
(18) Grandmasters
(19) Alligator
(20) "I´m not a barber: I´m a hairdresser!"
(21) Questioning Newton´s third law
(22) A short horror story with unclarity whether a man has murdered his wife in their bed before breakfast

Part Two : The Narrative, Epilogues and Appendices

Part Three : Diary continued

(23) Richard III
(24) Did they see?
(25) A girl incorrectly says "Thirty-six"
(26) Solon misspelled; Face to Face… with an adequate symbol?
(27) In the country of the blind the one-eyed are kings
(28) Tony Blott’s head bust a Beethoven bust
(29) All you need is love
(30) The Geller Effect
(31) W A Corden qua magistrate
(32) Our free will to be cautious in crossing the road
(33) Julian Barnes
(34) Getting it right with diabetic comas and Treasure Hunts
(35) ...d6-d5 surprises
(36) Laws concerning Killjoys and Killers
(37) Bank birthdays
(38) Tamburlaine: Part One Part Two Part Three Five Fingers and Russia Vs Middle East warfare: Tamburlaine Part Four
(39) The precise measurement of the British coastline
(40) Stephen Fry, the former editor of The Times Sir William (now Lord) Rees-Mogg and I all judge what is fit to be viewed as rational
(40a) Inventing the truth
(41) Was Myra Robinson happy?
(42) Two Knights versus a Pawn for the first time
(43) The Flight from Reason
(44) Veni, vidi,… da Vinci?
(45) Teaching that not to act is to act
(46) Countdown orgasms
(47) The public burning of Nicholas Ridley
(48) Our free will to be cautious when a dog crosses the road
(49) On the rocks: Man’s abandonment of the feminine at Christmas
(50) Addressing Ne(i)ros
(51) Famous mistaken identities
(52) Chess in the new South Africa
(53) The goalkeeper’s effort which led to loss: a complex metaphor
(54) Bill Linton’s letter commenting on the earlier article
(55) Pancho Sanza (plus Spanish and the selection of a horse)
(56) The headline explaining everything
(57) Orbis
(58) A middle aged man’s wife leaves him for another man. He then becomes involved with the girl, Martine
(59) Knowing right from left... foot from foot... front from back... black from white... right from wrong... freedom from oppression, so slapping the sides and turning around
(60) Secret triad partnerships in Durban
(61) "Boeee... Bowie"
(62) H.G.Wells and Tommy Steele
(63) The elderly qualify for a driver’s (and maybe a pilot’s) licence!?
(64) Apologising for the offence given twenty years ago in childhood
(65) AI
(66) St Andrews people
(67) Keith Arkell, and the small world of chessplayers
(68) The sister comments on an eagle letting fall a wolf cub into her brother’s arms which he then goes on to protect
(69) Lambolle Road: from Buzan - via the lady - to Patrick Hughes
(70) Fighting for and against the existence of soul: The DU (AL) or (ELL) ists
(71) Laughter at the phallic potter’s clay
(72) Paul Kurtz and The Transcendental Temptation
(73) Two Scandinavian Women Tourists
(74) Kate Fitzgibbon
(75) The parallel processing of the ending of two Knights and Bishop Vs a Rook
(76) Rob Starbuck and Simon Kennedy
(77) Terry Waite’s speech, Amnesty International and composing books in Bedford
(78) Canning... caning
(79) "I am the gatekeeper."
(80) Passing people in the street
(81) Silly prominences... Dr Charles Hunter... the world’s fastest talker
(82) Tests for suitability as parents
(83) Linda and the University College Hospital, London
(84) Babar misspelt as Baba
(85) New prima materia
(86) Robert Robinsons´ thoughts on chess and a BBC voice
(87) A weekend of ´publishers´ and ‘actresses’ walking into gin joints
(88) Malcolm Pein
(89) The evidence for the NDE
(90) The opposite meaning of enervated
(91) Concerning real experiences: Stepping (up and out!?) into another dimension and breaking the fourth wall
(92) Jury service
(93) Richard Wildman
(94) Conjectures and Refutations: The Growth of Scientific Knowledge
(95) Hartston broadcasting on unread manuscripts
(96) Dolmatov vs Plaskett: European Junior Championship 1978-1979
(97) Crossed Cebit wires
(98) With Rachelle
(99) Starting off the complete works of Shakespeare with Julius Caesar
(100) Shower scene dreams
(101) Bookmarks
(102) Lillies that fester smell far worse than weeds
(103) "I could do this! I could do this!"
(104) Grandmasters meeting Fiona Pitt-Kethley
(105) The dream of the speck on the tooth
(106) Graham Hillyard
(107) Spider in the Bath
(108) The Parousia novel
(109) One real wedding and one real funeral
(110) The unique aspects of Christianity and Christmas: The Big Issue
(111) Three experiments that could change the world: Nice D(h)arshans, The only constant and Pets’ powers
(112) The Moon´s a Balloon
(113) Sean Nicklin
(114) "Are you musicians?" asks the black man when I am with an American
(115) Time to marry
(116) The Nag Hammadi Library
(117) Bald hairdresser
(118) Meeting up at GA
(119) The Dutch ladies’ skills
(120) Penny Blacks
(121) A clue for an answer
(122) Further halved clues
(123) The rules for assessing the (spiritual) significance of coincidences, and when to break them
(124) Synchronicity and prophecy
(125) Synchronicity and prophecy (2): the moons of Mars
(126) Richard Neagle
127) Questioning neo-Darwinism: our idemtity crisis
(128) An identity crisis: Publicly or privately, what’s in the changing of a name (of father or son)?
(129) From the third to the fourth; "a more individual evolution of the feminine…" and a less lonely Christmas
(130) Lord Longford, the other sinners and myself
(131) Owner/Occupier
132) Professor Lipton
133) Thought Police
134) The dream of the teacher’s assault
135) Bad Fathers
136) Computer chess, long distance whale song and communication with Mars
137) Never say never again
138) The TV programme called The Ghost in the Machine followed the next week by one leading to a loss of face for the Oxford academic
139) Testing the authenticity of James´ CVs
140) As the Soviet Academy of Science rebels and asserts its right to uphold truth, we witness “The rise and fall ...” but of whom?
141) Eyeing Diana´s death
142) The investigation into the strange case of hylozoism is assisted by Dr Watson’s arrival from Baker Street
143) The parachuting dog
(144) The cat from Tackleway called Mogadon
(145) The trio focal point at the Royal Festival Hall
146) Writing Sting in and out of it
147) The superiority of intuition over intellect illustrated by the Pawn ending stalemate
(148) Changing into a mosaic
(149) Paradise lost
(150) Wolfram/Wolfman. Further name confusion
151) Telling people why the title of Maharishi was changed to Sexy Sadie
152) Blowfish
153) Messrs Borcherds, the Monster and other Moonshine beings
154) Into the Arena
155) The Dark Side of the Moons and correspondence with Eileen Barker
156) Another statistical method of detecting a monster
157) National Geographic cover stories, husband and wife reporting collaborations (Double Acts) and English explorers
(158) Love and Charity examinations
159) Spotting the Easter continuations and comebacks
160) Yorkshire chess displays
161) Peter Fairbrass
162) Giant octopus odds
163) Hope fades: Real Hope and octopus manifest
164) Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
165) Queries on the train about the origins of the name Leighton Buzzard
(166) Paula Yates and family and friends
167) Who´s ahead in the queue?
168) Maurice Grosse
(169) Lourber/Lorbor/Lobor/Lobo
170) Who (still) Wants To Be A Millionaire?
171) Mick Brown
172) Trust Me, magical books, hidden identities, and vision
(173) Peter Brent
174) Rain men
175) Geldof’s milk
176) The Gurus
177) Fish(eye)on
178) Jerry Hall
179) Prisoners... Numbers Six... newly-weds
180) The man’s view on entrapment
181) Past and future glories
182) Haywood spiritual fire sermons
183) Lisa and the angel
184) Ebenezer Roads
185) Lisa and the iguanas
186) Concerning real experiences
187) The dream of the quiz show host undone through two friends helping a player with the answers
188) Unlucky for some
189) Finding a chess café, in Spain or London
(190) Sheila’s house
191) Villa Spain
192) Revelations of Chance
193) Looking for a bishop and a Spanish chess tee shirt for the education authorities
194) Critical reviews
195) Teaching Darwinists
196) More on the giant octopus
197) James Plaskett in the news
198) Completing the Irish set
199) Andrew´s ´H´
200) Living the Dream
201) Sir Ludovic Kennedy
202) Not Guilty of misspelling tomorrow
(203) The Juror
(204) George’s Last Ride
205) Peter Rhodes
206) Terence Goldberg
207) Justice and misspelling and incorrect Portias
208) The Three Imposters
209) Escape from Hell to Be Linda
210) Keeping it in the family
211) The question of the liger or the Siberian tiger
212) N.A.P. McSheehy
213) Portia and Shylock shift
214) Third time lucky?
215) A surprise hit
216) Undersea earthquakes: Just Christmas?
217) Timely appearances
(218) Creed
(219) Gabriela Gruber, the rude woman of Knights Insurance
(220) Genealogical research about separate great-grandfather generations turns up the great uncle Arthurs who jumped ship in the early 20th century
(221) The mobile lost at the pump
(222) Linking with the enemies
(223) Feed the Birds; the song from Mary Poppins
(224) Le siége perileux
(225) Easterton and new housing
(226) Here I am
(227) Sacha in Diver Tienda
(228) Burning Bright
(229) Twin Peaks: The way of the head and the way of the heart. Worlds in Harmony
(230) Bebo´s number
(231) To speak freely about one´s beliefs, or to black more?
(232) The secret identity of Mr.CC
(233) The Runaway Bride
(234) Don´t sweat the small stuff with your family
(235) Answering the question of when the earliest (Dragon) Sicilian ...Rxc3 sacrifice occured: 100 years ago
(236) Housetraining the Siamese
(237) Young gangs´ assaults of spitting in the face
(238) What´s IN a name? (and The Parallels between the Explorations of Space and the Spiritual)...Earthrise...
(239) The Science of Belief, and £10 the price and prize of a quiz on meaning
(240) Q+A
(241) The Internet Chess Club handles
(242) The Lady in the Water
(243) Apologia, and Index of Entries
(244) Coincidences Two
(245) Looking for Rita

(246) Pascal´s Wager: tossing a coin on the ultimate bet
(247) The only thing that truly matters
(248) Big time blogging at The Times

(249) Beginning to learn to think
(250) Another such cough
(251) Drs read minds on CiF to suss identity
(252) Getting real
(253) ...so shall ye receive
(254) Same car, same key
(255) Predicting the National Lottery numbers
(256) James Marsh and the responsibility of doing your own thing
(257) Knight from g3 to h1
(258)"origin of christmas for veni vidi vinci" and other ´incorrect´ Latin quotes
(259) Shoemakers impacts: craters on the Earth and the Moon and comets on Jupiter
(260) Murray Chandler and Zygmunt Frankel: unpublicised exceptional lives
(261) The Water Bearer
(262) Something old, something new... at Facebook
(263) The dream of Nobby Stiles fallen on hard times.
(264) At page 73 and talking about running or travelling on a no frills airline on Twitter
(265) Crashing into a local
(266) Plaskettian basic endgame correction
(267) Some Short coincidences
(268) "Autre temps, autre moeurs" with Stephen Fry on Just A Minute
(269) Live Sherlock in The Strand
(270) The Garden of E(a)don
(271) Less of a Plaskett/Parsifal Identity Crisis
(272) Naval family interests at Scapa Flow
(273) More familial links, to Bedford
(274) Sam Harris´ true thoughts on life, the universe and everything
(275) Apologising for the offence given forty years ago
(276) The new queen ending stalemate
(277) One armed bandit
(278) Sceptic Michael Shermer´s Anomalous Events That Can Shake One´s Skepticism to the Core
(279) Lyuboyevic Vs Karpov, Linares 1981
(280) Parsifal and magic of the quest for The Holy Grail
(281) "Are you not entertained?"
(282) The Reti study of Rook against a Pawn
(283) The run up Calvary and then San Julián later that week 
(284) "Only 1%" accept the validity of subjective experence as well as objective facts
(285) Further on The Holy Grail
(286)  Gaddafis "reborn"
(287) The TV item pointing out the dolphin did not object to being pleasured
(288) Writers Not Fighters, Singers and John S(e)argents of  November 2017

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