Saturday, March 11, 2017

(286) Gaddaffis "reborn"

In the mid 1980s the idea circulated that Madonna was Marilyn Monroe reborn. She denied having any confidence in it. I heard from people close to a  "spiritual source" that the "source" had stated that it was authentic. But Madonna was born in the 1950s and Monroe died in the early 1960s.
The goalposts quite shifted as I was then told that it was a kind of "thematic or archetypal life".
Ah, well...okay then. There are  parallels; American, blonde, actress, singer, beauty, superstar...

Around that same time I heard, apparently stemming from the same "spiritual source", that Mussolini had become Colonel Gaddaffi. I scrutinised their faces and saw that there are similar lineaments.
But, without being ´armed´ with the supposition, these similarities might never occur to you. Also, of course, two autocrats who, in effect, ran their own fiefdoms and were then both killed by mobs.

Around lunchtime on March 11th 2017 I was reading this piece of Jonathan Freedland´s in The Guardian
The photo of Mussolini prompted me to mention this suggested progression of identity to my wife and she said that she had heard it from me years before and had dissed it because their lives overlapped.
I did not recall her saying so, I knew Mussolini was hanged at the end of World War Two but was uncertain of when the other guy appeared.
So I Googled Gaddaffi and discovered from Wikipedia that he was ( probably) born in 1942.
I originally entered something re "Death of Colonel Gaddaffi". My second search was just his name.

A few moments later, at about 14:14, I saw I had two new e mails, the first having been sent at 11:25.
It read -

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