Friday, June 14, 2013

(275) Apologising for the offence given forty years ago in childhood

On May 18th 2013 I noted that Pam Ayres and someone else whom I did not follow had retweeted a tweet that I had sent to Pam the previous day.
It was a whimsical observation re horses and Catherine the Great. -
18 May: @PamAyres You sound like Catherine the Great, Pam...

One of the retweeters was Paul Fletcher -
Paul Fletcher ‏@FleTwitcher18 May@JamesPlaskett just saw one of your tweets retweeted. Bit of a surprise because we went to school together #bms #amillionyearsago

That prompted me to confess to having thrown a stone at school that had hit his head -

He responded with -

Paul Fletcher ‏@FleTwitcher18 May@JamesPlaskett OMG it was YOU! I didn't ever know, or even guess. Apology accepted, even if its a little late ;-) #stillscarred

And the chat continued...
Paul Fletcher ‏@FleTwitcher18 MayYou did this to me @JamesPlaskett

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I tweeted that I would be writing up the coincidence here and he responded -

Paul Fletcher ‏@FleTwitcher18 May@JamesPlaskett I'll look out for my small part in your blog (!) fame at last...

Then an erstwhile Primary School friend of 43 years earlier (who became a Policeman!) chipped in re an incident where I had acquired an undeserved reputation as a delinquent in 1970 for having loosed an arrow from a bow which, quite accidentally, hit a passing minibus -

Adrian ‏@Watchoot1518 May@JamesPlaskett @FleTwitcher yet you still deny the noddy bus incident!!

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