Thursday, June 14, 2012

(268) "Autre temps, autre moeurs" with Stephen Fry on Just A Minute

At 14:10 or so on June 2nd 2012 I was watching this Youtube clip which I had definitely NEVER seen nor heard before and which indeed had only been uploaded in March 2012 -
The BBC Radio show had become something of an institution in the 45 years since it was first broadcast. In 2012 there had been some special commemorative episodes made for television. This was one of those.

Just a few minutes earlier I had been fantasising about being a panelist on that show and being asked to extemporise for sixty seconds, without hesitation, deviation nor repetition on the subject of ´Leonardo da Vinci.´ and finding myself saying - possibly to Fry himself - re the sad stigma that Leonardo would then have had to have suffered because of his illegitimacy and how it would have prevented his becoming a Florentine student of Law or Medicine, "Autre temps, autre moeurs."
At 20:53 of the clip, a challenging Stephen Fry corrects Paul Merton over a previous reference of Fry´s to Oscar Wilde´s novel The Picture of Dorian Grey re the subject on which Merton was trying to speak: The Portrait in my Attic. Fry points out that in Wilde´s novel the portrait is actually kept in a school room upstairs.
He then says that people don´t tend to have school rooms these days; "Autre temps, autre moeurs."

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