Monday, November 28, 2011

(265) Crashing into a local

On the morning of September 4th 2011 I drove into the side of a passing motorist on a small street of the Valencian town of Javea, over 200 kilometres north of my home.
It turned out the other guy, SeƱor Puig, lived at 29 Calle Angel Bruna in Cartagena, about a kilometre and a half from my house.
On January 29th 2017 a motorist turned into my car, damaging a light and knocking the rear bumper off.
His name was Adrian Puig.


Wahrheit said...

Dear James,

I hope this comment will result in an intersting coincidence...

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Wahrheit said...


Related: When I was five years old my mother backed the car out of our driveway and an oncoming car nearly struck her, swerving out of the way and missing her by inches. It was her brother, who lived several miles away and was not coming to see us but was running an errand and merely happened to be passing by. Naturally, I've never forgotten it.

Wahrheit said...

The first installment of the best of chess blogging Carnival is up! The Best Of! Chess Blogging, Part I: Openings

Robert Pearson said...

The Best of Chess Blogging Part III: What a Wonderful World has been posted.