Sunday, June 03, 2007

(209) Escape from Hell to Be Linda

On May 30th 2004 I started to watch our video copy of The Exorcist.
It reminded me of how Murray Sharp had told me that in the early 1990s he was renting a London shop to an actress called Linda Blair.
I had then reasoned that it had to be the girl who played the central character in The Exorcist.

That triggered the memory of his having told me that he was also renting another shop to the British actress, Amanda Barrie.

I switched the video off and rewound it at the scene where the words "Help Me" appear on the skin of the character Regan, played by Linda Blair.
The idea is that she is possessed by a demon.

Later, of course, that help does appear when Father Damien Karras, who has been showing some scepticism that this is a genuine case of possession, and who has been summoned to her bed to witness this manifestation on her skin, successfully exorcises the demon out of her.

As a consequence of my halting the video, ITV came up on the TV screen.

It was a programme called Hell’s Kitchen - a reality TV thing where some celebrities were spending time under the tutelage of tough top chef, Gordon Ramsay.
In similar format to the Big Brother and I’m a celebrity, get me out of here! shows, one of them was voted out by the TV audience, to be followed by another they deemed the least desirable, until the last one left was the winner.

This was the only time that I glimpsed anything of any programme in the Hell’s Kitchen series. It appeared to me that Amanda Barrie had been voted off earlier that day, or earlier, at any rate.

Then I saw singer Belinda Carlisle being voted off.

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