Saturday, November 04, 2006

(203) The Juror

On the day, April 2nd 2003, I believe, when the jury were beginning the deliberations in the WWTBAM? trial, I attended a sales presentation with accompanying free Chinese lunch at a restaurant near our home. A couple whom we there met and with whom we conversed during the meal, mentioned that this was the day when they were "...weighing it up."
We were to meet up with them again not long after at another restaurant ,when I was enjoying a (delayed) birthday celebration.

On January 11th 2004 we were vending some stuff at a car boot sale.
A lady perused some of the books we had on offer and purchased a copy of a novel by George Dawes Green called The Juror.

Fiona had only bought it shortly before, as she thought that it might sell at boot fairs.
As the lady was buying she said that she had just recognised us. It was the one whom we had met at the sales presentation.

I quipped: "Oh; you were at the trial?", my attempt at a joke being that she would have seen us when we were in court somewhere.

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